Daniel den Hoed Award 2016 for young scientific talent

The Daniel den Hoed Foundation (Daniel den Hoed Stichting) offers young, promising cancer researchers who have gained their PhDs, a research award with a budget of € 250,000. In 2016, again one Daniel den Hoed Award will be awarded.

The fellowship programme is open to clinicians and to non-clinical researchers. Candidates from outside Erasmus MC can also participate. The deadline for applications is Wednesday November 23rd 2016, before 09:00 hrs.

Talent is extremely important to Erasmus MC, therefore focused investments in the development – and in some cases the recruitment – of talented cancer scientists (clinical and non-clinical) are encouraged. For this purpose, the Board of Directors of the Daniel den Hoed Stichting has established the Daniel den Hoed Award, which enables clinical, fundamental/translational, and health-science researchers to further develop their academic cancer research. In light of the centennial anniversary of Daniel den Hoed, two awards of each € 250,000 were granted in 2014 and one in 2015. In 2016, again one Daniel den Hoed Award will be granted.

The Daniel den Hoed Awards enable talented young researchers to initiate or continue their own line of research. Each award is an individual subsidy awarded for a period of up to three years. To maintain their medical registration, clinicians will be able to combine their research with a sufficient number of clinical tasks. The award also stimulates international experience.

By the end of the award period, the candidate should have accumulated international experience. Although this experience should have preferably been obtained before the start of the award period, the early award period can be used for this purpose if necessary. After the award period, the candidate will also have the competence to apply successfully for external funding.

Although the Daniel den Hoed Award focuses on stimulating cancer research activities, other primary duties, such as teaching and patient care, are also important elements for a successful scientific career.

Daniel den Hoed Stichting
The Daniel den Hoed Stichting supports oncology research through the entire Erasmus MC. The Erasmus MC – Cancer Institute is both nationally and internationally known for its innovative cancer research combined with state-of-the art and warm care for each patient.

Further information:
Dr. Frank van Vliet – Secr. of the Scientific Advisory Board
Phone: + 31 (0)10 7043518
Email: f.vanvliet@erasmusmc.nl