2017: Daniel den Hoed Award (onderzoek)

Daniel den Hoed Award

Since 2014, the 100th anniversary of the Daniel den Hoed Hospital, the Daniel den Hoed Foundation (Daniel den Hoed Stichting) offers young, promising cancer researchers who have gained their PhDs, a research fellowship (award) with a budget of € 250,000.

The Daniel den Hoed Stichting supports oncology research through the entire Erasmus MC. The Erasmus MC – Cancer Institute is both nationally and internationally known for its innovative cancer research combined with state-of-the art and warm care for each patient.

The fellowship programme is open to clinical and to non-clinical researchers who did gain their PhD’s not longer than about 6 years ago. Candidates from outside Erasmus MC can also apply. By the end of the award period, the candidate should have accumulated international experience. Although this experience should have preferably been obtained before the start of the award period, the early award period can be used for this purpose if necessary. After the award period, the candidate should also have the competence to apply successfully for external funding.